Interview with Karsten Knight, Author of Wildefire

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Today I have a very special treat for everyone! I got the chance to interview Karsten Knight about his debut novel Wildefire. Lets get started!

1) Wow, your debut novel Wildefire was just amazing! I loved it! Where did you get the idea to use all of that mythology?

Thanks! Part of my heritage is Norwegian, so I grew up fascinated with Norse myth. The study of that eventually directed me to all the other mythologies of the world, and I had a thought: What if, instead of focusing on just a single mythology, the gods and goddesses of all the pantheons were reborn every hundred years, to coexist on earth among mortals?

2) What was your initial reaction to finding out that you would be published?

Shock that lasted for about a month. It was a Monday morning, and it happened really fast. I woke up at 9am, took a shower at 9:05,got a call from my future editor at 9:15, and had an offer memo in my inbox by9:30. I was completely blindsided. 
Wildefire (Wildefire, #1)
3) Did you use any parts of your life as inspiration for your novel?

You mean aside from my turbulent youth as a Polynesian volcano goddess growing up in the suburbs? There really wasn’t much real-life inspiration for Wildefire. Neither of my sister are sociopathic storm goddesses. I never had a steamy affair with a local park ranger.

4) Who was your favorite character to write?

Ade (which is pronounced “A-Day,” not“Aid”) was absolutely one of my favorites. He’s funny but also contemplative, and about halfway through the novel, you discover a dark part of his history when he grew up in Haiti that’s been burdening him for years. The conversation between him and Ashline in the chapel was one of my favorite scenes to write, too.

5) If you could have one of the abilities featured in Wildefire, which one would you choose?

I’d probably choose Lily’s abilities. To be able to manipulate plants, and create forests from nothing? Think aboutit—you’d never have to pay for a landscaper again. Mosquitoes bothering you in your backyard? Instantly grow some Venus fly traps.

Unfortunately, in reality, I don’t have a greenthumb—I actually have a black thumb. For a while I was growing pumpkin vines that never produced any pumpkins, and the palm tree I got for my office slowly withered away. The only plants I should be let around are plastic ones.

Thanks to Karsten for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions!

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