Graphic Novel Review: Pariah: Issue #1 by Aron Warner

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Aron Warner's Pariah issue #1Title: Pariah: Issue #1
Author: Aron Warner
Publisher: Sea Lion Books
Pages: 32
Series: Pariah: Issue #1
Brent Marks is not a freak. He is one of the Pariah, a group of teens who become extremely intelligent after being cured of a genetic disorder. Although in most ways a normal teen, Brent is considered dangerous and is tracked down by the government who see these kids as an enormous threat. Can he evade them? What do they have planned for Brent and the others?
Today I got an opportunity to review Pariah by Aron Warner. I jumped at the opportunity because I had seen the graphic novel on Sea Lion Books' website and I don't often read graphic novels so I decided to give this one a shot. I read it just now and boy was it ever good.

The art for Pariah was just gorgeous. It had this look to it that is different from a lot of other comic books. It almost looked water coloured. And the novel was full colour, which was a definite good thing. I also liked how identifiable the different characters were. They did not all look too similar and they didn't all blend together. Altogether, the art of Pariah was just gorgeous, I could not have asked for a better visual presentation.

The storyline of Pariah jumped into the action fairly quickly. It did not take long for trouble to strike and for the reader to find out all of the information needed to enjoy the book. In the beginning, the book was a little odd, but soon it got back on track as it gave you the information needed. The characters were built well in a very short amount of time with little text. Altogether, I found the novel to be very well together.

Overall, I believe Pariah Issue #1 deserves a 5/5 for being able to catch my attention in such a short amount of time and for having simply beautiful artwork. I hope I will be able to get my hands on the next issue, because I am for sure hooked.

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