Interview with Elizabeth Miles, Author of Fury

6:24 AM

I have another great interview for you guys today. Today, I have an interview with Elizabeth Miles, author or Fury! Let's get started!

1) How did you get the idea for Fury?

It was a confluence of creative inspirations -- a combination of interest in mythology and fables, horror movies, and contemporary YA -- with a little bit of personal revenge fantasy thrown in for good measure. :)

2) Did you find yourself as one with your characters by the time you finished writing your book? Was finishing the book bittersweet?

Fury (Fury, #1)Because this was my first full-length work of fiction, I actually think that I only found my true flow toward the middle of the first-draft writing process. I was excited when I finished the book; the last few chapters were exhilarating to write,and I was eager to preserve that momentum as I started the second book. At this point, certain characters do feel like friends (or at least, frightening acquaintances).

3) What was your favorite moment in Fury?

Without wanting to give too much away, I love the New Year's Eve scene, when Em and JD go to Boston together. 

4) What was your initial reaction to seeing the book really coming together (ie.getting a cover and being added to Goodreads, etc.)?

Shock, glee, terror, you name it. My bff Lauren Oliver often asks "Aren't you excited??" because my reactions are sometimes understated. It's not for lack of excitement -- sometimes it just takes me a few extra minutes to process such overwhelming news!

5) As an author, name 3 things you cannot live without.

1) Quiet alone time
2) Books
3) Cheese

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  1. Everytime I read something about this book I get really excited about getting to it. It's on my shelf looking pretty. I think it might have to be next on my list. Great interview.


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