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Talk about the book that most changed or influenced your life (was it a book that turned you from an average to avid reader, did it help you deal with a particularly difficult situation, does it bring you comfort every time you read it?).

The Night World Books by LJ Smith changed me from an average reader to a book lover. The Hunger Games however, really made me stop and think about how lucky am to live where I live and be as free as I am.

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What is the one ARC you would love to get your hands on right now?

Vanish by Sophie Jordan. I quite enjoyed the first book, Firelight and I cannot wait for the release of this sequel.

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  1. The Hunger Games really hit us hard. Such a fanastic book!

    New follower hopping through (:

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    have a good weekend(:

  2. I so love The Hunger Games and the way it makes you think. Great picks!
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    Happy Friday!
    New Follower

  3. Hunger Games is really one of a kind :) new follower here!

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  4. Hi & Happy Friday!

    I loved the Hunger Games trilogy.

    My FF, http://obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.com

    Have a nice weekend.

  5. I loved the Night world books. I read them awhile back so I forget some of the stuff so I need to re-read them.

    have a good weekend

  6. I love anything LJ Smith writes. And I read the Hunger Games, you are right about them making you thankful for what you have.

    Old follower just stopping by to say hi!

    My Follow Friday

    ~Kristin @ Better Read Than Dead

  7. GFC Follower :) I really want to get my hands on Vanish too!

    Hippies, Beauty, and Books. Oh My!

  8. LOVE the Hunger games...J.L Smith is very good, but I found her a little late in the game...a bit before all the fame from the tv show...I read secret circle first...but good choices!


    Happy Friday!

  9. Oh yes we are praying and crossing our fingers, jumping up and down on one foot, spinning in a cirlce, talking to psycics, and practicing voodoo in hopes to get our hands on Vanish!! lolz

    Hop on our hop Here! And while your there don't miss your chance to win a signed copy of Unlovable HERE!

  10. I loved the LJ Smith books, too. :)

    I've heard a lot about The Hunger Games - I really need to pick it up at some point!

    Happy Friday!

  11. I haven't read Firelight yet, but it's on my TBR list.

    Have a great weekend!

  12. The Hunger Games are a given. So disturbing, yet so enjoyable!
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    My FF: www.tellthetale101.blogspot.

  13. The Hunger Games certainly make you think! I kept mulling over Mockingjay especially after I finished it.

    New follower :) Hope you have a great weekend!

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  14. Hopping through. I loved The Hunger Games. I agree that it makes you be appreciative.
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  15. New Follower!!! Just hopping by. I want Vanish as well. Just pre-ordered it yesterday! I cant wait to get it. Firelight was a great book and I cant wait to see what will happen next!
    Come check out my post!

  16. I haven't read either of those series yet. Been trying to get through what I own before buying any new ones. (Not that it's working.)


  17. One month and one day from today's hop, the book I'm highlighting comes out. Come see which book I'm talking about.

  18. New follower ;) I'm yet to read The Hunger Games series but lucky enough to have a box set signed/stamped by Suzanne Collins.

    Hope you get the chance to visit.

  19. Haven't tried this author but I like her web page and the books like it.

  20. THG really jump-started my love for the dsytopian genre, and made me start thinking about my life, and our country, and a lot of other stuff!

    Please swing by my blog to check out my answers! Visit or follow - either one makes my day!


  21. Hunger Games was one of those books I really thought would be all hype, I'm so glad I was wrong!
    New follower, feel free to pop by: http://booksforone.blogspot.com/

  22. Hi! New follower here! I LOVE the Night World series!!! L.J. Smith is one of my favorite authors. As for The Hunger Games and Vanish, I have of course heard a lot about them, but haven't yet gotten into them. I will, hopefully... my TBR pile is just as humongous as everyone else's probably is! Lol.

    Thanks for sharing! LOVE your blog!! : )

  23. The Hunger Games was so good. All the dystopian books make me feel lucky to live in the world I live in, although I think I am better prepared for disaster now! LOL. Friday Post!


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