Blogger Interview: Rachel of Parajunkee's View and Parajunkee Design

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Hey everyone, today I have an awesome interview with the phenomenal blogger behind Parajunkee's View and Parajunkee Design, Rachel! Let's get started:

Your blog has been open since 2009, do you ever stop and think about the number of books you have read in that time span?

 234 since August of 2009. I never paid attention to how many books I've read before I started blogging, but I'm sure I averaged about 100 a year. I'm excited that my blogging has increased my reading and has made me aware of some wonderful new books. It has also changed how I keep track of them. has become my database, tracking my TBR, read, ARCs etc, I would be lost without that website!

When you were just starting to blog, did you find it difficult to get posts done?

 I've never found it hard to complete blog posts. I've made some adjustments over time, cut back memes that I was doing, etc, but I've always tried to be organized and I think that helps.

Have you always been such an avid reader or did you find you read more when you started your blog?

 My reading has increased but I think this might be because of the availability of books.  Before blogging my book buying habits was one book at a time to cut down on costs. The only time I would have a stack of books to read was when I went to the library. Now that I'm blogging I have a monstrous stack of books just sitting there,waiting to be read. This builds excitement because I want to get to those books. This I think increases the pace at which I read. Also, I think book caliber has gone up. I'm researching books before I buy or accept for review. I never did this before unless I was purchasing through an online retailer (which was rarely). Most of the time it was stalking bookshelves until a cover called out to me. I judge books less by covers now and more by others thoughts.


What is your favorite part of blogging?

 The camaraderie and friends. I've never had other people that like to read like I do. I have friends and they like to read, but never to the caliber that I was processing books and never the exact type of books. Now I have tons of them! It is quite awesome.


If you could change anything about your reviews what would it be?

 Nothing! Currently I like how my reviews are going. I'm sure in a bit I'll get tired of my format and change it up.

Thanks so much to Rachel for answering my questions!

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  1. Thank you for having me Anna! I appreciate it.

  2. Great interview! I love the ParaJunkie blog. :) Though I doubt I have stacks the size she does, I definitely notices that I, too, read faster now that I have piles of books laying around. Wouldn't be able to keep up if I didn't. :)

  3. Great interview! I definitely think that I read more now that I'm blogging. Plus, I'm just more aware of books that are out there than I was before.


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