Book Discussion: Reading a Series Out of Order: OK or Not?

8:17 AM

So in the past I've known some people who will read a series out of order. They'll read whatever books in the series that the store or library has in. Personally, I have always been one to either read the series in order or not at all. I just feel that you don't get the entire story the way the author meant it to be if you skip books or read them out of order.

So what do you guys think? Do you like to read books out of order or do you have to read them in the correct order?

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  1. I think that it depends on the series. Most of the time, I agree, series should definitely be read in order otherwise you just don't feel what the author is trying to get at. It is like watching a movie from the end to the beginning: where did all of the suspense go? But quite a few series, usually ones that are about different characters for every book but are all set in the same world, wouldn't make much difference what order you read the books in. I feel that this is a great topic to get talking about because there are so many different views on how you should read series; and availability as well is always an issue. Personally, I never read a series out of order unless it is for like the second or third time, because it just ruins a series for me.

  2. Yeah, I agree on the ruining of the suspense definitely. Even if the book is a companion novel, I have this thing about reading them in the right order. You just don't hear about book bloggers reading series out of order as much as you do with those who don't read as much.

    Though, sometimes I will read a series out of order if it is the second or more time because then I already know what is going to happen.


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