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New in the world of... is a new segment that I will do once a week announcing (or re-announcing) big news that happened this week in the world of YA fiction.

There's new news on the series that really got me started on loving books. What was the series you may ask? They are recently a TV show. There are two trilogies. Can you guess yet?


Vampire diaries is like the love of my TV life. I watch it every Thursday and have never missed an episode. I also love the books (if you haven't read them you should!). And now according to LJ Smith herself; there will be another trilogy of book in the works with the first coming out in Summer 2011. The name of the new trilogy is The Hunters and it will feature the characters leaving and going to college and the twists and turns that it will bring them. The books have tentative names already (Phantom, coming out in summer 2011, Moonsong, and last but certainly not least Eternity) and the later books don't yet have release dates.

That's all for now and please be sure to check back to the original blog post on LJ's blog here and don't forget to check back here for book reviews, hauls and more.

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