Author Interview Week: Day Two

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Day 2:

Did you find finishing writing your book bittersweet?

Not really. I draft really fast, so there isn’t time to get too attached. Now, though, that the series is getting wrapped up, I am feeling like it’s a little bittersweet. On one hand, I’m glad to be done. On the other, I’m terrified of what will come next.

It’s more of a tongue hanging out, crawling over the finish line kind of moment for me. The creative process has become harder than the editing process as of late, but there’s always so much work to do to get the book ready for the world to see. I’m usually so happy to be finished with everything and see my baby birthed than anything else. Then afterward there’s the nail biting wait for reviews and feedback. Actually, it’s a lot like childbirth. Food cravings, mood swings, painful growth, uncomfortable nights, and messy deliveries until the cute crying cherub comes into the world, then there’s a lot of sleepless nights until they can fly their own merit.

Sort of! I knew there would be another, and Incarnate wasn't my first completed manuscript. There's a little bit of bittersweetness with finishing every story, but I think the sense of accomplishment is always stronger for me.

Sort of.  Hemlock is the first book in a trilogy, so while finishing the first book left me a bit sad and wistful, I knew it wasn’t the last I’d be working with the characters.

I was relieved! Haha Kidding.  I didn't get overly emotional because I knew there would be more. Because of my contract, I began writing Rage Within before I'd even finished the final edits for Dark Inside. So I didn't really have time to mourn the book ending because I went right into book two. But I think I'll probably be feeling slightly bittersweet once I finish the series.

Bittersweet is a good word for it. At that time, I didn't know there would be a sequel, so I was ready to say goodbye to the characters. But now there's definitely a sequel! So happy to spend more time with Vee!

Finishing a story is always a big celebration for me. I'm a linear writer, which means I write from beginning to end. While writing, I'm always thinking ahead and how I want to get to the ending I have in mind. It's just so wonderful to finally get to the point where I can write that final scene that has been in my head forever! I didn't find finishing BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS bittersweet, because I was already thinking about what happens next in book 2!  

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