Author Interview Week: Day Three

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Day 3:

What is your favorite part of writing for the genre that you do?

Making up and using interesting names. Like today, I decided to name a character Silo. Which is awesome.

I like getting lost in the paranormal world where anything is possible and I imagine what’s happening there and what my characters are saying—a control freak’s dream. It’s so fun when a big plot twist hits me, or my characters do something funky on me, or introduce me to someone who’s going to ruin everyone’s day. I twist my hands in glee and say “Oh, my readers are going to hate me,” then I laugh. Young new love and coming of age is a great season in life where everything is fresh and exciting. Reliving it is a rush.

The freedom. I can write almost anything I want. Why? Because it's YA and YA readers love crazyawesome things.

Writing about werewolves—any paranormal creature, really—is a chance to revisit things I first fell in love with as a teen. When I was in high school, I adored writers like Anne Rice and television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Characters like Lestat and Angel grappled with their existence and asked questions of the reader/viewer in ways I found interesting. I think the fact that my own characters wrestle with what it means to be human is a result of the days when I literally had to scotch tape the cover of The Vampire Lestat because I had read it to tatters. The fact that I’m writing for a genre that I loved so much is kind of awesome.

I think the best part about writing Young Adult is that I get to use my imagination to its full capacity. I have a tendency to write literary fiction when it comes to adults and that's not nearly as much fun. With YA I often feel like I get to be more creative. Also I find I have to be more careful because I think it's a lot easier to fool adults than teenagers. Teens are too smart. If something is too vague or simple, they'll call you on it.

 I like how writing mysteries is sort of like a puzzle. I have to make all the clues fit. It's challenging.

 I love, love LOVE the YA community! Everyone is so sweet and supportive!

I absolutely love the freedom of writing in the YA genre. There are so many types of stories I can write. So long as the characters are young adults, the possibilities are endless.

Everyday brings a new question! Come back tomorrow!

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