Author Interview Week: Day Seven

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Day 7:

Did you put any aspect of your life into your book?

I honestly didn’t do it on purpose, but I do find myself talking like Vi (or maybe she talks like me…?) and cutting and dying my hair black… So maybe I put those things in there because it’s something I like. 

Yes. My life and who I am is sprinkled throughout my books. I don’t know how I or any writer couldn’t include pieces of the things that make them who they are. Aren’t you a sum total of your experiences? I’m sure I’m quoting it wrong… anyway, to answer you again, yes. My heart, blood, sweat, and tears are all there in black and white, and I let the world read it and care what they have to say about it. I must be crazy!

You mean besides the coffee addiction, the honey addiction, the mitten addiction, the music addiction, the surprise ferret, and the utter love of describing snowfall?


In Hemlock, the relationship between Mac and her cousin Tess is really more like that of sisters, and I think that was something that was influenced by my own family. One of my “aunts” is really my mother’s first cousin. Likewise, I was always very close to my own three cousins growing up. I tend to think of them more as brothers. 

As a writer, I try not to write myself into my work. I recently had trouble with that. I ended a new book (not Dark Inside related) poorly because my own beliefs interfered with the way the story should end.  I had to go back into it and remind myself that what I believed wasn't the same as the character. Once I accepted it, I was able to give it the proper ending it deserved.

People have asked if Mrs. Winger is me... She's kind of a caricature--how I imagine students to see me on my grumpiest days. I promise I don't sit in the back playing solitaire, though! :D 

I did! I struggle with health issues, so I wanted a book that was fast-paced and tough, and I wanted a main character that could do all the things I didn't have the strength to do a few years ago. I'm getting better slowly, but I don't think I could EVER be as tough as Meadow is!

PM: Ninety-nine percent of my books are total fiction. Every once in a while though, something might slip in, but it's usually morphed and changed from its original version. In BRIGHTEST KIND OF DARKNESS, the scene where Lainey pierces Nara's ears is based on real life. My best friend pierced my ears using a sterilized needle and ice. Thankfully I didn't have a Grand Aunt wanting to "help"!

Thanks to all the authors who participated this week! 

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