Author Interview Week: Day Four

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Day 4:

What has been the most rewarding aspect of being an author?

Getting fan email. Best part—definitely the most rewarding.

I love to get fan mail. It’s incredible to read reviews were people tie in details or see a bigger picture I didn’t realize I’d written, and were carried away with the story so much they lost sleep. There’s no bigger compliment than for people to fall in love, cry over, or want to punch a certain character in my stories. Being a writer has brought the nicest readers and most talented writers into my life I wouldn’t have met any other way and I’m honored they’d let me know they enjoyed my books or wish to be my friend. I never saw that when I wanted to “see what would happen”.

I think that's a tie between being able to write stories for a living, and getting responses from readers who genuinely enjoyed my story.

I grew up in a very small town in the days before Amazon. My public library was a lifeline. One of the most recent rewarding things I’ve done was meet with the local youth services librarian to discuss talks I could give and programs I could take part in at the library.

I'd have to say it was seeing my book in print for the first time. I spent so many years working on being a decent writer; it was a pretty emotional scene when I held my first book in my hands. The other rewarding aspect is getting to do school tours and talking to teenagers and answering their questions. I have so much fun at these events.

 I love the letters I've already gotten from readers saying they loved SLIDE. <3

Being able to do what I love as a job! Plus...I get to work in my pajamas :)

PM: When I get letters from readers telling me that my book has helped them in some way. Now that's rewarding! 

Everyday brings a new question! Come back tomorrow!

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