Author Interview Week: Day Five

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Day 5:

Was there any part of your book that was particularly hard to write?

Oh yeah. There’s a part of POSSESSION that I wrote and rewrote and rewrote. Then in revisions with my agents, I took it all, deleted it, and wrote it AGAIN. It seems to work well enough now.

All of it is hard to write. There’s story building, character developing, research, word smithing. But the story keeps begging to be written and I’m constantly daydreaming about what’s happening, but to actually get it down and like the words I write, it’s becoming a little more difficult to be consistent. I try to write a little at a time each day, but I struggle with wanting to edit as I go, which is a story killer, and the distractions of my two little boys pull me in different directions. I wish I could just write and not care as much, like I did with my first novel when I thought no one would read it but me. What I need is a ghost writer I could feed my ideas to so I could get stories done faster… now that’s an idea!

Action scenes are always difficult for me. I want to make them both exciting and clear . . . which is a challenge, so I take my time to really get them right.

Some of the really emotional scenes were a challenge. I tend to close down when really big, horrible things happen. Sometimes I’d write a scene that should have been emotionally taxing for the characters only to find I had bottled up their emotions the way I tend to bottle my own.

Yes! The ending! I swear, I'm just terrible at endings. I never seem to get them right...just ask my editors. haha I'll also admit that a certain scene with Mason towards the end was really hard to get through.

Yes, the part about what happened to Vee at the Homecoming dance was very difficult for me.

Probably the ending! I didn't WANT to finish writing it! It was so much fun!

PM: The scene when Nara dreams about Ethan was hard, because I wanted to write it with sympathy but also with honesty and strong emotion. I hope I accomplished that.

Everyday brings a new question! Be back tomorrow!

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