Origins by LJ Smith

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Origins (The Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries, #1)Title: Origins
Author: LJ Smith
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release: November 2, 2010
Pages: 256
Series: Stefans Diaries #1

Ok, I have something to admit. I am in love with the show The Vampire Diaries, so when I saw these books were coming out, I knew I would have to read them. When I saw they came out about three months apart, I decided to wait and get them all at the same time, when the second season ended. And when I did read them, they were pretty darn good. The characters were just like they are in the TV series which I favour over the books. I really loved the insight you got into the characters origins and how you got to read what you didn't get to see in the TV show. The novel was quite well written, especially for a spin off. The story kept moving the entire time with few slow spots in between. The only drawback of this book was that sometimes the flashbacks from the show, didn't line up with the scenes from the story. And after all was said and done, Origins was 4/5 for sure.
Set during the Civil War, against a backdrop of grand estates, unimaginable riches, and deadly secrets, three teenagers in Mystic Falls, Virginia enter a torrid love triangle that will span eternity.
Brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore are inseparable until they meet Katherine, a stunning, mysterious woman who turns their world upside down. Siblings turned rivals, the Salvatores compete for Katherine's affection, only to discover that her sumptuous silk dresses and glittering gems hide a terrible secret: Katherine is a vampire. And she is intent on turning them into vampires so they can live together-forever.

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