Fire by Kristin Cashore

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FireTitle: Fire
Author: Kristin Cashore
Publisher: Gollancz
Release: September 24, 2009
Pages: 461
Series: The Seven Kingdoms #2
Beautiful creatures called monsters live in the Dells. Monsters have the shape of normal animals: mountain lions, dragonflies, horses, fish. But the hair or scales or feathers of monsters are gorgeously colored-- fuchsia, turquoise, sparkly bronze, iridescent green-- and their minds have the power to control the minds of humans.

Seventeen-year-old Fire is the last remaining human-shaped monster in the Dells. Gorgeously monstrous in body and mind but with a human appreciation of right and wrong, she is hated and mistrusted by just about everyone, and this book is her story.

This was a book that I had been planning to pick up for quite some time. I was waiting for it to go into paperback before I picked it up. After I read it, I was left with a few great thoughts and some not so great thoughts. The first being how long it took the book to get any where. The plot was good in this book, but it moved at a sluggish pace. A positive thought I had was how strong the main character, Fire, was so strong in personality. I also loved how well developed the characters were and what a great hint of romance there was. I also really enjoyed the different perspective you received in this book, but it was still set in the same world as Graceling. It was very cool to see how perspectives about the Gracelings had changed through the ages and how they differed in different lands. When all was said and done, Fire got a 4/5 for being an excellent companion novel to Graceling.

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  1. ooo I loved Fire! I enjoyed it much more than Graceling (don't get me wrong, I liked Graceling...but Fire was better). I'm so glad you liked it!

    Have a great weekend :)

    Caroline @ Bon Bons and Reveries


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