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9:17 PM

Hey guys I've decided to change things up here at The Bursting Bookshelf! For the start of 2011 I've decided on a theme change for the blog, but I need your guys help to choose the one you guys like best. So here's how it goes: take a look at the logos below and then vote for your favorite one! Voting closes on January 15, 2011. Simple right?

Here are the choices:

Logo #1

Brush credit to Axerider70
Logo #2

Brush credit to redheadstock
Logo #3

Brush credit to Falln Stock
Logo #4

Brush credit to LeeDeeYa

Logo #5

Brush credit to DeYanira and Coby17

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  1. Definitely #2 (I did vote already ^.^) I can't resist butterflies. The words are also pretty easy to read on that one.

    Sniffly Kitty
    Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books

  2. Thanks! I did them all myself and I love the butterflys too, but I love something from each of them too.

  3. I also picked #2 because it was the easiest to read the title. Butterflies and colors are nice too.

  4. I liked 2 and 5 but in the end 2 was easier to read for me, too.

  5. YOUR SITE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I love it =)

    Hi there! I am commenting because I think your blog site is cool and unique! I enjoy it very much that I'm passing on the ~Stylish Blogger Award~ to you! Check my site for details how to obtain it.

    Thanks and Happy and Blessed New Year 2011


  6. Thanks! I appriate your votes guys!

  7. What a neat idea, voting on your new logo! Now I'm eager to see which will win!


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