New In The World Of... Ally Condie

10:47 AM

Hey guys! At least one of my scheduled meme's is on time this week. This week for New In The World Of... I chose Ally Condie as I am so excited for her book Matched to come out I thought 'Hey let's see what's new in her world.'. So I did. And you'll never guess what I found. Or maybe you will. But probably not. Anyway, I found the tentative cover and name for Matched #2! Here it is...

That's right! It's called Crossed and if it follows suit with Matched's cover, it'll probably be a blue theme. Exciting right?

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  1. I wonder what's with the backwards R? Something to do with Russia or Toys R us? lol, obviously I have no idea. I haven't even read Matched yet!


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