Saturday, December 4, 2010

New In The World Of... Ally Condie

Hey guys! At least one of my scheduled meme's is on time this week. This week for New In The World Of... I chose Ally Condie as I am so excited for her book Matched to come out I thought 'Hey let's see what's new in her world.'. So I did. And you'll never guess what I found. Or maybe you will. But probably not. Anyway, I found the tentative cover and name for Matched #2! Here it is...
That's right! It's called Crossed and if it follows suit with Matched's cover, it'll probably be a blue theme. Exciting right?

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  1. I wonder what's with the backwards R? Something to do with Russia or Toys R us? lol, obviously I have no idea. I haven't even read Matched yet!


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