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So Follow my Blog Friday is a meme held by Parajunkee and it's where you answer the weekly question and then link yourself and you go and check out other blogs of your interest.

If you could change the ending of any book (or series), which book would you choose? Why and to what?

To be spoiler free, I would change the end of many books! One of my priorities would be Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. I didn't like how rushed the ending felt.

Book Blogger HopBook Blogger Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Crazy For Books made to help showcase your blog to other bloggers out there with the same interests!

What are you most looking forward to this fall/autumn season – A particular book release? Halloween? The leaves changing color? Cooler temperatures? A vacation? (If your next season is other than fall/autumn, tell us about it and what you are most looking forward to in your part of the world!)

There are so many awesome books coming up in the fall! I cannot wait for so many of them. Plus I can't wait to see the leaves change colour and to have many hours of reading.

TGIF is a meme held over at GReads

Making a Difference: Which book(s) would you put in the hands of
today's teenagers in hopes of making a difference in their lives?

I would give any teen Thirteen Reasons Why. I'm currently reading this book and I think it really makes a difference as to considering multiple sides of a story or how your actions can hurt another hugely.

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  1. Old follower stopping by. I would change the ending of many books too, it's something about the characters. My Hop

  2. YES! I'd change the ending of Mockingjay, too. It seemed like a cop-out and as if the author was in a hurry to wrap everything up.

    My Head is Full of Books

  3. Hi & Happy Friday :)

    My FF & 500 follower giveaway - www.obsessionwithbooks.blogspot.com

    Have a great weekend..

  4. Lots of people would change Mockingjay, including me. I don't think it finished up properly....And I've just had the summer for many hours of reading. Back to school for me next week...
    Nina @ Death Books and Tea

  5. Yes! Mockingjay was just bad in my opinion! There are tons of great books coming out this fall and I can not wait! :D



  6. Really? Many book? I gave a completely different answer to the Q. NEW follower here :-)
    Check out my FF: http://bookthatthing.blogspot.com
    Happy Friday!

  7. Haha, you know what? I think I'm one of the few people out there who actually loved MJ's ending and wouldn't change it at all ;)

    And yes- there are definitely so many good books coming out soon! Mara Deyer, Lola, Shatter Me... wow. I can't wait to read them :)

    I'm stopping by from the blog hops but decided to follow as well :) I can't wait to see what you post!

    Brenna from
    <a href="http://everafteresther.blogspot.com>Esther's Ever After</a>

  8. Stopping by from the book blogger hop - now i AM OFF TO SCOPE OUT THE REST OF YOUR REVIEWS... (AUgh DARN CAP LOCK - SORRY) Kay @herbookreviews

  9. Poor Mockingjay! Everyone seems to have a hate on for the ending this week. It makes me glad that I skipped it!

    I'm a new follower.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads / Twitter

  10. Hopping through. I felt the same way about Mockingjay. Quite disappointing.
    My Hop

  11. Tons of people keep picking the final book in the Hunger Games trilogy; I still want to read it. Cool blog! I'm a new follower. :) Have a great weekend.

  12. Hi! New follower stopping by from the book blogger hop!

    Totally agree about Mockingjay's ending. It was such a disappointment overall, in my opinion.

    Love your blog!

    -Marisa :]


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