I'm Adrian's Advocate!

5:18 PM

You may or may not know that the YA Crush Tourney is starting soon. Lucky for me, I am advocating for this awesome (and hot) character. If you didn't know, Adrian is a popular character from the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines Series. His first match is July 16th, so keep your eyes peeled on the YA Sisterhood for it! Together, we can make Adrian win! Also, I'm in the process of getting the Team Adrian buttons made, so keep your eyes opened for those as well. I'll be tweeting on my twitter, @thebbookshelf, and using the hash tag #teamadrian, so be sure to join the conversation! Let's get Adrian the title!

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  1. If there is any way that I can help with Team Adrian then please tell me :) TEAM ADRIAN FOR THE WIN! :D

  2. I love Adrian. I am now following you via gfc and also on twitter.
    I have also added the button on my blog!

    Go team Adrian! :D


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