Interview with Wesley King, author of The Vindico

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1) What inspired you to use the Villains more than the Heroes in this story?
The VindicoI’ve always had a fascination with literary villains, particularly conflicted ones that don’t just have an “evil to be evil” philosophy. So many heroic characters have the same backstory (traumatic, isolating event in childhood that eventually leads to triumph), that often the villain leaves the most room for creativity. I thought that having teens training to be super villains was a great chance to explore all the grey areas of good vs. evil.

2) How do you feel about the comparisons to X-Men?
I welcome them! I was a huge X-Men fan growing up (I still am), and I definitely think many of the same themes are in The Vindico. X-Men really set the stage for flawed heroes and conflicted villains, and I loved the vulnerability of those characters. When my agent proposed the tagline X-Men meets The Breakfast Club, I thought it was perfect.

3) Which point of view was your favorite to write from?
That’s a tough one. You really become attached to the characters, and because I’ve already written the sequel, I’ve had even more opportunity to get to know them all. I do enjoy writing from Hayden’s perspective, because his personality is so totally unlike mine and I find something deeply satisfying about his complete lack of boundaries. 

4) Which character was your least favorite to write from?
I suppose I connected least to the super villains themselves, though they all have their humanizing characteristics. That side is explored even more in the sequel, and I think readers will come to identify with characters they wouldn’t have expected.

5) Which of the action scenes was your favorite?
Hmm, I never thought of that. They do come fast and furious at a point, and I paid a lot of attention to making sure the reader could follow along and envision everything as it was happening. The final, climactic battle was a lot of fun to write, but I think the initial raid on the League mansion might be my favourite. There’s a lot of tension and some very important developments built into that scene.

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