Never Have I Ever by Sara Shepard

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Never Have I Ever (The Lying Game #2)Title: Never Have I Ever
Author: Sara Shepard
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release: August 2, 2011
Pages: 309
Series: The Lying Game #2

Sara Shepard, the author of the Pretty Little Liars novels, has followed up those top-selling fictions with an even more artfully knotted series. At its center is a murdered narrator whose long-lost identical twin sister Emma is serving as a stand-in detective to find the killer. In the second episode of their hunt, the pair discovers new clues, but they know that as they search for the killer, he or she is watching their every move, waiting for the right moment to end it all. Editor's recommendation.

This was a book that I was really hoping was a better book than it's predecessor, and I was hugely excited when it was. As a huge fan of Sara's, I was really hoping for more of the mystery and action that she is known for to be in this book. This book was more up to her standards than I found The Lying Game to be, it had that suspense and not knowing who did it feel that makes her books impossible to put down. The characters seemed to change and grow in this book, Emma matured and seemed to mirror her dead twin at times. She was a great character to be protagonist because she had the intelligence to figure out who killed Sutton. I also loved that Emma didn't fall into the temptations of Sutton's world; she kept her head about her and trudged on to find out who offed her sister. Ethan was another character I enjoyed, he was so faithful to Emma, even when she pushed him away. On the writing side of things, this book had much more of the classic Sara Shepard feel to it than The Lying Game did, setting up wonderfully for a third book, with a ending leaving you questioning the events of the entire book. Altogether, I would recommend these books to anyone who enjoys a good YA mystery book. I give Never Have I Ever a 4/5 for being a great sequel.

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  1. I also reviewed this book recently. I like it too. I didn't really liked the first one, but this one was addicting! Check out my review:

    1. Yeah, it was def. an improvement on the last one!


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