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So Follow my Blog Friday is a meme held by Parajunkee and it's where you answer the weekly question and then link yourself and you go and check out other blogs of your interest.

If you are a fan of Science Fiction what is your favorite book? If you haven't read Science Fiction before...any inkling to? Anything catch your eye?

I am a fan of science fiction! Though I don't think I could ever choose a favorite!

Book Blogger Hop
Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Crazy For Books made to help showcase your blog to other bloggers out there with the same interests!

"What book(s) would you like to see turned into a movie?"
I would really like to see The Iron Fey Series be turned into a trilogy of movies. I'm reading the third, Iron Queen, right now and I'm already fantasy casting it in my head.

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  1. Hopping through. I am not a sci fi fan although I like the Enders Game books and The Host.
    My Hop

  2. I've heard such good things about The Iron Fey series!

  3. Oh yeah, I agree about the Iron Fey series. Would be fascinating to see which actors win the roles too!

    Here's my Book Blogger Hop post!

  4. New follower here,
    I love science fiction and fantasy, I have read so many I am not sure I could pick. Enders Game is a good one, but I also love the Mist born series. In fact, I believe that would also be a great series for a movie as well. Facinating reads. Please stop by if you get a chance at

  5. Ooh, what a coincidence! I'm reviewed Iron Queen for NetGalley earlier this week (you can read it on my blog too). Do let me know who would be acting in it in your fantasy cast!
    Dee, hopping from e-Volving Books

  6. I LOVE the Iron Fey series! I hope you enjoy The Iron Queen!

    Happy Reading!
    Christy @TheReaderBee

  7. Heey
    So many people are talking about those series and I still haven't read it!! I'm a new follower!! Hop over to see my answer if you have the time!!
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  8. I really want to see OR Mellings The Hunter's Moon made into a movie. It's about fairies and love and all that good stuff. The Iron Fey series would make a good one to, I've only read The Iron King though.

    I didn't take part in the hop this week, but be sure to check out my giveaway-->

  9. New follower from Surfin Saturday

  10. That would be such na great series to see on the big screen.

    - Shera (Book Whispers)

  11. I love the blog hop. Stop by for my answer and for a Book Blog Giveaway.

    ...28 blogs participating blogs.

    Blog hosted by Judith of

  12. I'm so impressed with people who do "fantasy casting" on their blogs. How do they even know who all these young, unknown actors are?
    I love science-fiction and fantasy... I'd list some of the ones that I've just finished, but that's like, the last 15 things I've read. Just finished Delirium, and Across the Universe. They were both so good!

  13. Just hoppin' through - I am now a follower :)


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